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Retrieve the quietness

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Retrieve the quietness

By Fei Lai (Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2007-07-23 10:40

The customer is always right, says the "creative director" at AIAIA - it
is the fashion style she wants that matters most, not what the director
may think when on a buying expedition.

Not all fashion boutiques keep a high profile. AIAIA, taking its name
from an island in a Greek fairytale, is located quietly and neatly in a
tranquil two-story old house on Taiyuan Road.

"It is a kind of different atmosphere, unlike those in the center of town
which offer too much," says Miyuki Miyama, AIAIA's creative director.
"The private space here gives a 'private feeling' to every newcomer. It's
quieter, guests can pick up and try on clothes without being disturbed."

Purple walls, cozy sofa and warm lights, which in the Japanese owner's
eyes is good for creativity, give off a peaceful and elegant scent. With
a total of four showrooms, two on each floor, the store has a nice layout.

"On the first floor is the Tokyo-style zone, which is acceptable,
practical and easy to make, and a small room for discount clothes,"
Miyama says. "The upper floor displays unique designs from Europe, such
as England and France."

It is true that at the first step into the shop, the mostly
black-and-white series of Tokyo collection murmur the attractiveness that
these two fashionable colors always have. However, step upstairs, the
flavor of Europe swarms over the eyes. The diversity in colors and
designs brings guests into a world of sweet candy.

"Special items from each designer indicate different characters. The
unique clothes we sell are all works from international pioneering young
designers," Miyama says. "Big-name designers such as Anne Valerie Hash
and Matthew Williamson can be found among the European collections."

Although Hash is a young Paris designer, she has cooperated with many
luxurious brands. Wise, humorous and simple, her feminine designs do not
have so many colors but features smooth and fluent cuttings of lines.

Williamson is characterized by geographic patterns. "He is one of the
treasures for entertainment stars," Miyama commented.

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