Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Huaian is one of those pleasant places where you can get around
entirely on tricycle. Travel around and never worry about the orientation.

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Qingyan Garden
Emperor Qianlongs resort on his visits to Huaian

The former residence of Wu Cheng'en
The mysterious lodgings of Wu Cheng'en

The former residence of Zhou Enlai
Zhou En'lai's birthplace and life stories

Hongze Lake Scenic Area
Underwater ancient cities and freshest fish

 Huaiyang dishes are world famous. They originated in ancient Huai'an,
spreading to Yangzhou and then all over China. Huaiyang dishes are very
mild and healthy. It mainly contains the freshest bean curd, fish and a
lot of vegetables. In Huai'an, there are authentic Huaiyang dishes.

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