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Chinese School - China's seven major tasks in next five years

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�� China's seven major tasks in next five years

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China's seven major tasks in next five years

www.chinanews.cn 2005-09-19 14:36:27

Chinanews, Sept. 19 - Study Times, a journal of the Party School of the
Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, raised a question in
an article: where should China's reform and development go in the 11th
Five-Year Plan (2006-2010)? In accordance with the requirement of
all-round implementation of the scientific concept of development and the
present problems and conditions of the country, China should pay close
attention to the following issues for its economic development during the
next five years:
First, to accelerate transformation of government functions and improve
the macro decision-making mechanism.
Second, to carry on comprehensive macro-control and gradually return to
the orbit of market regulation.
Third, to press forward with all-round reform and stimulate healthy and
harmonious economic and social development.
Fourth, to further encourage development of non-public sectors of the
economy and optimize distribution of resources of the society.
Fifth, to establish long-term mechanism that helps increase income of
farmers and gradually solve the contradictions between urban and rural
Sixth, to transform the pattern of economic growth and enhance
sustainable economic development.
And lastly, to tackle potential risks and maintain stability of economy
and society.

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